High pressure or Low pressure is better?

What is Non pressure solar water heating system?

It’s the traditional type of solar water heater, inside the evacuated tube go through with water, after absorbe sunlight then transfer the heat to the tank to ensure the tank’s water temperature rising up time by time.

What is High pressure solar hot water heating system?

Pressure system is also called close loop system, since the water tank is like a sealed box, only has the necesary holes like inlet cold water and outlet hot water and some backup holes. The collector side is Vacuum tube with copper heat pipe inside, compare the copper and water two elements, the TU1copper can transfer heat much better and rapiddly, which caused the Pressure solar heater daily HOT WATER output much more, meanwhile the copper anti-freezing could be reach -35C.

The Comparision

What’s the difference?

Non PressureHigh PressureWinner
Outer tankGalvanize steelSUS304-2BHigh
Inner tankSUS304-2BGrade 316LHigh
Frame Only can be installed on the flat roofParticular design for both Slope & Flat roofHigh
Assist tankNeedNo needHigh
Solenoid valveYesNoHigh
Evacuated tubeCommon glass tube (AL/N/AL coating)Three target (ALN/AIN-SS/CU coating)High
Heat pipeNoYesHigh
Vacuum tubeGo through with waterNo water insideHigh
System designOpen loopClose loopHigh
Hot water volumeLessMoreHigh
Water TemperatureGeneralPerfectHigh
Stable TemperatureCommonGoodHigh
PressureNon pressureHigh pressureHigh
Install positionMust on the top roof or add a pumpBoth top roof or garden ground is availableHigh
Wind resistOrdinaryMuch betterHigh
Anti-hailNo(Might cause leakage)YesHigh
Smart TEMP displayOptionalOptionalBalance
CleaningNeed to clean vacuum tube in timeNo needHigh
LifetimeSo soMuch longerHigh
EfficientyCommonVery goodHigh
Health issueEasy to build up dirtNo worryHigh
Customer satisfy3 Star5 StarHigh

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