How does High Pressure Solar Heater work ?

Two type of Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are divided into two styles: one is with pressure and another is without pressure, and the pressure one with heat pipe inside the Evacuated tube, Non pressure one inside the vacuum tube goes directly with water. But whether it is a vacuum tube type or a heat pipe vacuum tube type, their basic working principle is the same, they all convert sunlight energy into heat energy and heat water from low to high temperature to meet people’s hot water use in life and production.

High Pressure Solar Heater Working Principle:

Integrated Pressurized solar water heater, using the high solar absorption ratio and low emission ratio coating possessed by the vacuum tube, converts the absorbed solar radiation into heat energy, which is rapidly transferred to the water tank through the high-purity purple copper heat-conducting tube inserted in the vacuum tube, causing the water temperature in the whole tank to gradually rise. The vacuum tube has the ability of natural tracking of the sun, as long as there is a solar auxiliary radiation, the vacuum tube can work; because the copper super-conducting heat pipe has one-way heat transfer characteristics, even in high cold areas, all year round can be highly efficient operation.

Low Pressure Solar Heater Working Principle:

Sunlight through the first layer of heat-absorbing tube glass shines on the second layer of glass black heat-absorbing layer, the heat of the sun’s energy will be absorbed, due to the vacuum insulation between the two layers of glass, heat transfer will be greatly reduced (radiation heat transfer still exists, but there is no heat conduction and heat convection), the vast majority of heat can only be transferred to the water inside the glass tube, so that the water inside the glass tube heated, the heated water becomes lighter along the heated surface of the glass tube up into the thermal storage barrel, the relatively low temperature of the water inside the barrel along the backlight side of the glass tube into the glass tube to replenish, so constantly cycle, so that the water inside the thermal storage barrel is constantly heated, so as to achieve the purpose of hot water.

High Pressurized Solar Heater Features.

◆ Superconducting heat pipe has one-way heat transfer, small heat capacity, low starting temperature and fast speed;
The superconducting heat pipe has good low temperature resistance and will not freeze and crack even at low ambient temperature;
◆ The tank liner adopts high-frequency welding, the rated pressure of the water heater is 0.6Mpa, which can be directly connected with the tap water system and used under pressure and run automatically;
◆ No water inside the vacuum tube, eradicating the shortcomings of the water scaling to reduce thermal efficiency;
◆ No water inside the vacuum pipe, eradicating the shortcomings of water leakage due to aging of fried pipe or silicone ring;
◆ No water inside the vacuum tube, even in the cold conditions will not freeze and crack;
◆ The single tube is damaged, the water heater can still run normally;
◆ Automatic pressure-bearing operation, and can achieve the emptying of the pipe.

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