Comparision Vacuum Tube Solar System VS. Flat Plate Panel

Both heating systems work for heating the water through solar energy. A compact heat pipe pressure system and flat plate panel perform great and straightforward work. It absorbs the maximum amount of radiation from the sun and transfers where they heat the water. These types of water heaters efficiently collect sunlight every day in the collector and retain it day and night for other use.

Undoubtedly, solar energy hot water systems are a non-polluting and healthy way to get hot water without spending money every month. Plus, it helps to save electricity and the atmosphere and with a natural way to get hot water everywhere without high expenses.

Here we are going to explain both system performance and how they work with solar heating.  In the end, You will be able to know the difference between them.

Solar Heating System

This solar water heating system has many names, such as Solar Air heating, Photosynthesis, etc. It is a needful Innovation technology that will help get hot water through universal energy because it is a unique, powerful, and cost-effective system that can consume heat energy for heating the water efficiently.

Solar collectors collect heat from the sun as much as possible and transfer the energy to fluid transient in contact with it, usually liquid or air. This process is done by a heating pipe that collects heat in the device and transfers heat from one side to another side using an evaporation-condensation cycle.

Types Of Solar Collector

Solar collectors come in different varieties, here we have mentioned three main types of solar collectors, heat pipe, flat plate panel, and focused solar collector.

Here we compare only two main types, the heat pipe pressure system, and the flat plate panel.

Heat Pipe Pressure System
A heat pipe pressure system is also known as an evacuated tube. It performs the heating process with working fluid. But in the advanced world, it comes with a compact size and works With nanofluid in the heating tube. That is why it is called a compact heat pipe pressure system. Nanoparticles are also referred to as nanofluids. All heat transferring processes from cold to hot is only done with these nanofluids.
How Does the Compact Heat Pipe Pressure System work? 
They play an important role and make the task most manageable and most straightforward. Furthermore, Heat pipes have another three sections for completing the whole task.
● Evaporation section
● Adiabatic section
● Condensation section.
When working neno fluid reach to the evaporation section
The nanofluid particles also evaporate and run on the adiabatic passage. Still, the heating process did not start yet. When evaporated fluid comes into the condensation section. The cold water turns into hot, and In the condensation section, evaporated fluid is condensed to fluid.  
How does a Flat Plate Panel Work?
The flat plate solar collector works with a flat plate dark surface with a transparent cover that can absorb a high amount of sunlight working fluid and baking, which is insulated. Plus, a transparent cover sheet also has a thin layer that a fluid tubing coil has backed.
The water is circulating through pipes. These are constructed into the absorbs plate made of copper and aluminum because copper or aluminum is a good heat conductor and transfers large amounts of heat by conduction. That moves energy into the pipe, and water begins to heat up.
The Comparison Of Compact Heat Pipe Pressure System And Flat Panel System
Both solar water heaters use sunlight for heating. Still, the efficiency rates of the heat pipe pressure system are high because it can consume a maximum amount of energy in a limited time and area as compared to flat plate panels.  
A flat plate panel did not work with the vacuum tube system. It only dissipates heat while absorbing sunlight. In the winter season, it will not work properly due to low sunshine and the efficiency rate automatically decreases, which is about approx 69%, especially in winter.
On the other hand, the vacuum tube collector solar is more efficient in absorbing high amounts of heat under the vacuum and storing them for maximum time. So, the maximum heat absorption will definitely increase heating efficiency, and it will exceed 70% in the winter when the hot water demand is high.
Let’s compare the emissions of both products. The flat plate solar energy has lower Emissivity because the sunlight reflects the flat plate because of its form as a flat, so it has only 9% Emissivity. The heat insolation capacity is low because it absorbs large heat, but conversion is low.
While the vacuum tube solar system did not reflect as much as the flat plate, it has high efficient rates of sunlight absorption. A heat pipe has a small emissivity value due to its small vacuum tube and double-layer construction; it doesn’t flatten.
Temperature Performance
The heat pipe pressure system is a type of collector, and its construction gives surety to collect maximum heat. Conversion capacity is significant under the condition of domestic hot water. The heat collects under the tube and converts into the vacuum, and the vacuum tube maintains the temperature for a long time and can withstand a temperature of -40 “C.
In contrast, the vacuum tube and flat plate working is completely different and can only resist freezing at a low temperature of 5C. If the temperature is above 5C, the system performs an excellent job through the water circulating medium. If you live in cold areas where the temperature is low in that situation, flat plates do not work, and the pipeline will quickly freeze and rupture.
The heat pipe solar pressure system is more convenient than a flat plate panel. The reason is that the installation of a heat pipe is easy and different. It can be installed on the roof, but the heat collector and the vacuum tube are separated and work independently.
But in the case of flat plate panels, all essential parts of the solar system should be installed carefully. Its construction is tough and heavy that can only be moved by a crane. Plus, it also installed a 25-degree inclined position to get the best heating in every season.
Smart Heater Control
 A compact heat pipe pressure system works automatically. Its highly advanced technology features turn off the heater when the temperature reaches the desirable point. It also turns on the heating system When the temperature is below the desired end.
The flat plate collector system works Manually such that you need to turn on the heater when you desire. And it doesn’t have any automatic features of turning off, and You must have to turn off the system.
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