How does an Integrated Pressure Solar Hot Water Heater Works ?

A solar water heater is the most beneficial and cost-effective technology in the market nowadays.

Everyone should benefit from a universal energy system, and with this simple way, you can save

money and electricity. A solar water heater is an excellent and ideal product for those who live in

a warm climate where the sunlight is high. In the winter seasons, they quickly consume solar

energy for household purposes.

So below is the way how a solar heater works and how you can find the best solar water heater

for your home?

Basically, a solar water heater is constructed in two ways: pressure and second is a non-pressure


What is a Pressure Solar Heater?

A solar pressure heater is also known as a high-pressure solar heater, which can save the water

into the tank under a high-pressure system. The best example of this pressure heater is the

pressure of tap water.

It works with a high-pressure system because it has a small tank directly connected to the copper

tube, which is located next to the tank or under the roof. This system was not required to be

installed in part or near the vacuum tube. You can install it separately. In this process, the

evacuated tube absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat energy. Keep in mind this is not a

simple heating process.


● It will work with high-pressure water flow.

● It can work with a water pump.

● It can also work with existing storage tanks and does not require a tank on the roof.

● Robust structure


● Expensive than a low-pressure solar heater system

What is a Non-Pressure Solar Heater?

A non-pressure heater, also known as a low-pressure solar water heater, means that the water

stores in the tank through low pressure. An example of this heater performance is the gravity of

the water.

Typically a low-pressure system works by a vacuum tube directly connected to the small tank,

which is laid on the top of it. The vacuum glass tube is filled with water and exposed to the sun;

thus, The heated water flows through the glass tube with low pressure.


● Simple and consistent

● Cheap in price

● Ultra-low pressure system

● Long lifespan

● Light-weight

● Efficiently conversion sunlight to hehea


● If one glass tube is damaged, you must shut down the complete water heater system.

● Installed only top of the roof

● Lightweight may cause leakage and breakage problems.

Below we will explain the working of integrated pressure solar heaters deeply. Before buying

how it works, you should be aware of whether this model is suitable for you or not.

Integrated Pressure Solar Water Heater

A high-pressure solar heater is also called an integrated Pressure solar water heater. Its full name is a phase-change heat conduction full pressure solar water heater. This is the most powerful solar water heater system that works effectively in any climate.


  • An integrated pressure system capable of withstanding water pressure.  
  • Solve the issue of low-pressure hot water
  • The vacuum tube does not retain water inside it empty and prevents vacuum tube cracking and low thermal efficiency.
  • Easy installation and did not require the tank top of the roof.
  • It can perform high-speed heat transferring features.
  • High-quality heat pipe that is never damaged in the cold season due to low temperature.
  • The inside tank is made of high-quality material that can perform high-pressure jobs efficiently due to its solid and simple structure.
  • The inner tank nerve damage after 100,000 fatigue tests.
  • It is constructed with polyurethane foam, which is big and has good tightness.
  • The entire system is set as 0.7Mpa, which allows you to connect with the water system directly.
  • It also has the capability of automatic operation.

How Does An Integrated Pressure Solar Water Heater Work? 

The working of this system is straightforward. This system works with a vacuum tube which consists of a phase change heat pipe and heat transfer aluminum wing.

This vacuum tube has a low reflecting coating that absorbs heat from the sun and transfers sunlight into heat energy.

An aluminum wing helps to transfer heat, and with the reflecting coating, the energy passes to a phase change heat pipe. The inside heat medium passes the energy to the pressure water tanks within two phase transitions. After this, they give rise to the water temperature increase. When the water is heated, there is no water remaining in the tube, and also it has the capability of withstanding pressure.

The warm water circulates into the water pressure system, and when you turn on the tap, the hot water constantly runs out. So, the whole process is simple and performs all functions smoothly in every season.

useesolar water heater tank inside safty
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