Intelligent Controllers For Solar Hot Water (Smart Controller)

It will be a good idea to control your hot water supply with one touch. If you install a hot water controller with your solar system, you can save hot water for a long time and save water for birds. The intelligent controller is the most daunting piece of equipment you should buy for your solar system to make it efficient for DIY installations and professional services. The intelligent controller is a little bit complicated but essential to any renewable energy-powered system.

Thankfully, technology makes the solar system easier to install, quick to use, and cheaper to purchase and control on and off the utility power grid.  

So, let’s start the comprehensive review of solar Hot water controllers features that you need to know about the installation, use, and ongoing success of your solar hot water system.  

About Intelligent Controller Solar Hot Water Systems

Before starting directly with the controller system, we want to tell you about the solar system. A quick review for who is unfamiliar with it and where it better fits in.

What is the solar system? 

A solar system is designed based on solar energy. A solar system consists of thermal solar panels ( flat plate Or evacuated tube, which you prefer ) that connect together with a manifold. These panels consume sunrays and transfer them to the system (fluids and exchanger).

Further, the hot and cold water stored in a water tank for future use. Hot water tanks installed either adjust to the collector on the roof or separate on the ground area. And a water pump is used to supply the water to the solar system. And if you attached a system controller. You will be able to control the hot water supply system whatever you want just by clicking on a button.

Why Do You Need a Solar Hot Water Intelligent Controller? 

Not all solar systems have control systems. The passive systems can be installed at a reduced upfront cost if they come without a physical controller. But many people prefer active systems because they can be installed with intelligent controllers. It’s better compared to other systems in most instances.

What are the other names of Intelligent Controller hot water systems?
In the market, you can find lots of varieties of hot water controllers with different names. So, here are some well-known controller names you may have heard of if you have experience buying a hot water solar system.
Moreover, If you install an active hot water system with a controller, you can control pumps more easily with a digital screen and thermostat. You can incorporate boosts from other power sources.   
What are the other names of Intelligent Controller hot water systems?
In the market, you can find lots of varieties of hot water controllers with different names. So, here are some well-known controller names you may have heard of if you have experience buying a hot water solar system.

No doubt, they have become more demanding and essential today. Local stores refer to these products as “solar controllers,” ” pump controllers,” “thermostats,” and “system controllers,” and many more.

Features of Intelligent Hot Water Controllers

A controller system has many smart features that make it an efficient and advanced hot water controller, whether it’s an analog system or a digital controller system.

Owners who have a hot water controller device will be able to control the water supply with only one touch by smartphone, computer, tablet, and remotely by using other devices via Bluetooth connection. Even some of these controllers also offer wifi connectivity. You can control hot water operation by voice control.

How Many Parts of a Solar Hot Water Control System?

There Are 3 Main Parts to a Solar Control System:

Digital Controller__ this consists of Advanced functions and control temperature using different remote devices ( laptop, tablet, mobile) using WiFi or Bluetooth connection. It has temperature input sensors and also has output relay controls. It diverts by heating when the temperature is too hot or too cold.

Mechanical Pumps and Diverts__ these components can be moved physically and control heating fluid and water flow. This includes a pump and electric diverter that control valves.

Specialty Plumbing__ in this part, the various specialty plumbing requirements that are able to operate all functions properly of solar heating, including:

  • Set pressure release valves safely
  • Set one-way flow valves and expansion tanks.
  • Fill and drain valves as well as shut off valves
  • Properly set Operating regulators
  • Maintenance features

What is the main difference between Passive and Active Solar Water Heating Systems?

It’s crucial to understand what is an active and passive solar system before moving toward it. In the passive system procedure, the water tank is installed directly to the sunlight, which heats the supply in preparation for use. Passive solar systems rely on gravity to supply water indoors and outdoors. The installation of a passive system is unsuitable for freezing climates; it may cause severe damage to the system, home, and property because the water is more likely to freeze in cold areas.

In contrast, Active systems are usually more expensive but also demanding due to being more efficient, as they use pumps to deliver hot water more efficiently. It’s an environmentally friendly best option for cold and hot areas, and it also comes with anti-freeze features to heat the water. They perform excellent in freezing temperatures and quickly deliver hot water whenever you want.

Construction of a Solar Hot Water Controller

The active solar hot water system works as a controller. You might be confused about what exactly the “controller” controls?

most hot water controllers designed based on these factors, which make them efficient and essential, are below

  • Controller screen display and control functions
  • Analysis of system efficiency and performance
  • Determine how much hot water available to use
  • Adjust pump speed for optimal gain

Why do you pay a high amount for a solar controller?

The solar controller is also called a thermostat that controls the desired temperature according to your needs. When you purchase a controller device, You must know what you get in return after spending a lot. Most owners interested in this and some low-use homeowners may not need the performance data supplied by advanced systems for big settled businesses and large buildings such as restaurants, gyms, schools, laundromats, etc. They only want to find a premium solar hot water control system.

You can get great varieties of solar controllers ( manual, programmable, smart function solar controller systems). It depends on you which you choose according to your needs.

How does a solar Controller system work?

Knowing how a solar controller system works in different areas is essential. Not surprisingly, every hot water system is efficient and durable. They are designed with minor differences. However, systems are specially designed and user-friendly to interact with them easily.

A solar Controller comes with some main buttons that perform different functions and control systems according to your needs. These are displayed on the screen of the controller device, and if you use a smart controller device, it has a touch screen with few functions to control your home’s hot water supply.

In contrast, some homeowners want to know how to operate a specific solar hot water controller? This is also not a big deal; you just contact your solar installer or a manufacturer for any information that cannot be found within the included purchase materials. These types of systems are also called manual systems that only help maintain the temperature you want in the current weather situation. A manual system doesn’t offer advanced features as other smart systems.

Below, we have outlined some of the most common features of solar hot water controllers that might be helpful in knowing how to manage your system efficiently. And how does it not exactly work?

Adjusting the Thermostat

The thermostat comes with a user-friendly advanced feature that enables you to adjust the thermostat of a solar hot water controller to be similar to adjusting the home temperature.

It has a simple display screen that shows the current temperature of the water and the option to desirable temperature adjusting accordingly via the knobs, buttons, or other control toggles.

If you don’t have a thermostat advanced feature device then, then use the sample and old trick to check out the current temperature by using a thermometer. Find the thermometer and Simply run the hot water of a sink or tub tightly, close the cold water faucet, and only run hot water on the tub and dip the thermometer on it for 30 seconds. Find the actual temperature value and now adjust your thermostat as necessary using your solar hot water controller.

Setting the higher temperature will work harder and consume more energy than systems at, below, or near the factory standard of 49°C (120°F).  

What Are Direct and Indirect Circulation Systems?

In the solar Hot water system, the processing includes circulation in two ways: one is Direct, and the second is indirect.

In the Indirect circulation system, the water is transferred directly from the solar collector that works similarly to the passive gravity-fed installation.

While the direct circulation, the water supplies process works as an active system and supplies water indirectly because its main feature is to maintain water temperature in freezing climates. That’s why this type of system is mainly suitable for homes in locations where outside temperatures are below freezing.

In the indirect circulation system, the anti-freezing fluid effectively worked to keep the building water supply safe during cold temperatures.

Both direct and indirect circulation systems, the solar hot water controller and thermostat, are the essential devices used to regulate the system. Indirect systems are more expensive but may be the only choice for residents in cooler parts of the country.

What is The Purpose of Installing Gas and Electric Boosts?

When the sunlight dims on cloudy days or in the evening, solar hot water systems are equipped with a gas or electric boost to maintain high temperatures for a home’s water supply. Many other advanced features solar systems offer you to utilize gas and electric boost directly on the hot water controller or by using a separate control station.

Basically, gas or electric boost can be installed along with the collectors, but it is not uncommon; it totally depends on the local owner’s budget, availability, utility pricing, and user preference.

How to Troubleshoot a Solar Hot water controller?

Generally, all the solar Hot water systems operate error-free because most-Solar systems work live and are generated passively. They don’t require regular maintenance and don’t need any component movement day by day according to the weather’s situation. Once installed, they run properly and require little to no maintenance and upkeep. When any trouble happens, it is better to know about it and find the solution to get your system back on track.

Troubleshooting 4 Common Solar Hot Water Controller Problems

So, here we will outline the most common solar hot water controller troubleshooting scenarios.

Circulation Pump Problems

It’s a primary function, so if you have an issue with circulation pump work—troubleshooting includes a blockage, clogging, problems with valves, and part malfunction.

Suppose the solar system faces lower efficiency in operation. In that case, it indicates the circulation pump has any leakage issue, too much air trapped inside the collector, or other part failures.

So, you must check out all parts, tighten loose valves properly, and solve leakage problems. Otherwise, you may try lubricant on old parts. If it’s not solved, you should contact a professional plumber. Below we enlisted some prevention tips.

Keep note:

  • Monitor your solar system after 2-4 month
  • We also suggest monitoring your system with a full inspection of wire, pipe, etc. annually
  • Annual full inspection prevents from rust, corrosion, and breaks and increases durability and performance
  • Don’t ignore your system throughout the years.

Controller Not Working

When the controller itself is not working, it’s difficult to find which parts are the worst and going wrong, like some smart controllers that need battery replacement if the battery dies. Another is the wire that attaches the controller to the home and may need an inspection in case of unresponsive results.

If your solar controller is not working, it may damage due to voltage ups and downs or short circuits. When you find the problem, solve all the issues and install the controller again to the “On” mode.

If it’s not, contact the manufacturer and upgrade your hot water solar controller.

Not Enough Hot Water Supply

If your solar control faults hot water supplies, this may cause different parts problems like the controlled display shows the common value of hot water temperature and the tank has room temperature supply. This issue is basically due to the sensor hardware and software of the thermostat’s controller.

Otherwise, if your controller works properly and does not supply hot water, this problem comes from the heat exchanger. Moreover, the inability of hot water supply issues may include:

  • Clogging, backups in water and heat exchanger
  • System leakage
  • Frozen water within the system
  • Due to damaged joints, the valve
  • Loose valves

We help troubleshoot the rebuilt system with proper guidance through several steps. The entire system should be turned off before performing any maintenance.

If your controller does not display the hot water temp value, it may cause heavy equipment and the system’s quality.

Solar Input Issues

Your system may have an input issue. Sometimes, DIY installers and licensed companies have experienced no input indicator issue. It means your controller may have been damaged. It happens when you have installed a heavyweight collector with golf balls, debris build-up, heavy hail, and other foreign objects that can potentially damage a panel and lower its efficiency.

Keep note:

Before troubleshooting, your system makes sure to shut off, and you should use safety elements. Some thermal systems are required to have professional repairs made in the event of a damaged item.  

How does a smart Home Solar Controller work?

A smart solar Controller works effectively with smart thermostat options. The newest technology that was introduced by China, you definitely have not seen any device like this that controls all hot water temperature functions without having a display screen. Yeh, it’s right. A smart controller can operate all functions through a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. To u just install temperature control er app and through a 2.4 GHz WiFi signal that can reach your Sunbank tank, as this controller is mounted outside in a weatherproof (plastic) junction box.

This type of solar controller is extremely versatile. It can operate in conjunction with a smart plug and a recirculation pump. It also has antifreeze overheating safety features. You can control your home or hot water supply with the desired temperature by clicking on the button.

Main functions:

  • Set time
  • Water flow control  
  • Temperature-controlled water loading.
  • PUMP Water filling pump
  • Trouble protection.
  • AH Automatic thermostat function
  • Anti-freezing protection
  • Fill the water when the tank is empty
  • Three-time –sections setting
  •  Celsius degree and Fahrenheit unit switch
  • BEEP Beep error warning
  • Manual heating.
  • View the measuring valve.
  • Overflow protection.
  • Screen protection.

Benefits of a Solar hot water controller

  • Easy to used
  • user-friendly interface
  • Reduced gas bills
  • Capture excess solar electricity
  • Prevent overheating
  • Independently energy
  • Reduced use of your boiler
  • Easy to install
  • Works automatically

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