What is Solar Water Heating System?

useesolar blog what is solar water heater

Solar Water Heater is a heating device that convert sunlight energy into heat energy, heating water from low to high temperatures to meet people’s needs for hot water in their lives and production.

Main components: Evacuated vacuum tube solar collector, thermal tank( storage tank), bracket(Frame) and other related parts.

It is safe, energy saving, economic and environmental friendly.

The conversion of solar energy into heat energy mainly relies on the vacuum tubes collecting, which use the principle of hot water floating up and cold water sinking down to produce micro-circulation of water and get the required hot water.

1.Solar Water Heater is heating water by sunlight, using a solar thermal collector.

Photothermal utilization: It collects solar radiation energy and converts it into heat energy through the interaction with material to be utilized.

It’s use the power of the sun to heat the water,then provide hot water for your home with great efficiency and low energy costs.

2. Common Solar Water Heater Working principle

Sunlight shines through the first layer of heat-absorbing tube to the black heat-absorbing layer of the second layer of glass, the heat of the sun’s energy will be absorbed, because the two layers of glass between the vacuum insulation, heat transfer will be greatly reduced (radiation heat transfer still exists, but there is no heat conduction and heat convection), the vast majority of heat can only be transferred to the water inside the glass tube, so that the water inside the glass tube heated, the heated water becomes lighter along the heated surface of the glass tube up into the thermal storage barrel, the relatively low temperature of the water inside the barrel along the backlight side of the glass tube into the glass tube to replenish, so the continuous cycle, so that the water inside the thermal storage barrel is constantly heated, so as to achieve the purpose of hot water.

3. Heat Pipe High Pressure Hot Water Heater Working principle

Heat pipe vacuum tube compared to ordinary glass vacuum tube, purple copper heat pipe thermal conductivity faster and more efficient, the principle of the same, with the heat pipe instead of water continuous heat exchange cycle, so that the insulation storage barrel of water constantly heated, so as to achieve the purpose of hot water.

4. Daily Maintenance

  1. When installing solar water heater, the water pipeline may be covered with dust or oil smell, the first time you can open the faucet to eliminate debris first.
  2. The water stored in the solar water heater should be discharged regularly according to the local water quality, and the drainage time can be chosen in the morning when the collector is colder.
  3. Solar water heater surface, according to the amount of dust in the area and make regular wipe test, when it rains can play a self-cleaning, keep the surface of the water heater clean can get a higher heat collection efficiency.
  4. continuous sunny days for many days without hot water, its hot water temperature is very high, in the use of solar water heaters, please turn on cold water first, then hot water to avoid scalding.
  5. faucet outlet end generally have a strainer device, scale and debris in the water pipe will gather in this network, should be regularly removed and cleaned by themselves, can increase the amount of water flow smoothly.
  6. winter, the pipe is frozen is very common, such as found in the pipe has frozen but the pipe has not yet cracked, the temperature rises, you can generally automatically unblock. Also available hair dryer baking blowing, or take a towel wrapped around the pipe, and then slowly pour with warm water, do not bake with fire, knocking on the pipe or boiling water scalding, which will make the pipe burst. Multiple freeze blocking easy to make the pipe freeze crack, so you need to strengthen the pipe insulation measures.
  7. solar water heaters on average every two to three years need to be cleaned, inspected, disinfected.
  8. such as solar water heaters configured with special meters need to pay attention to lightning protection and electricity, do not take a bath and unplug the electric heating when thunder.
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